The Law Office of Marsh Smith, P.A.

Notable projects, awards and cases:

1. helped found the Sandhills Area Land Trust (SALT) in 1991, served on its board and as its President; through the date of its merger with Three Rivers Land Trust, SALT protected over 11,800 acres of wildlife habitat in the Sandhills region of North Carolina;

2. prosecuted the case of Huberth v. Holly (1994) in which the North Carolina Court of Appeals clarified the law regarding wrongful timber cutting in a manner beneficial to landowners who have their trees wrongfully cut;

3. conceived the Safe Harbor Program which gives landowners greater flexibility under the Endangered Species Act. “Safe Harbor” -- now, widely imitated throughout the nation -- encourages increases in endangered species habitat while protecting landowners from increased regulatory obligations resulting from such increases;

4. received Governor's Award as NC Forest Conservationist of the year in 1997;

5. defended the case of State v. Blyther, where the jury was convinced to hand down a sentence of life without parole, rather than a sentence of death, for a mentally ill defendant convicted of murder, here in Moore County;

6. defended Jackson Hamlet Water Co., when Pinehurst Water & Sanitary Co. sought to cut the water off for the community of Jackson Hamlet and assisted with community organizational efforts in Jackson Hamlet during that time;

7. served on the Moore County Land Use Plan Steering Committee during approximately 34 meetings held in Moore County prior to the adoption of Moore County's first countywide zoning ordinance;

8. represented Friends of Forsyth and NC Alliance for Transportation in the federal suit that halted the northern beltway around Winston-Salem in 1999;

9. represented landowners and an environmental group in a suit attempting to force the federal highway administration and NC DOT to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”) in the project to build a Bypass around Vass and Cameron. Although the suit did not stop the construction of the US1 Bypass of Vass and Cameron, it did force NC DOT to drop plans for a new Southern Pines-Aberdeen Bypass that would have bisected the Walthour-Moss Equestrian Conservation Area adjacent to the current US1 Bypass of Southern Pines;


  • Graduated from Pinecrest High School, 1976
  • Graduated from Duke University, 1984
  • Graduated from University of North Carolina School of Law, 1989
  • Volunteer Attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1989 -1990
  • Guardian Ad Litem attorney, Hoke & Scotland Counties 1990 - 1994